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About us

Welcome to Roadway Alliance Church.


I'm glad you stopped by for an online visit.  Please feel free to browse our web page and check us out.  We hope you will then swing by on a Sunday and see for yourself what we are all about. Before you move on, let me tell you a quick story about looking for a church.


Years ago my wife and I moved to Denver, so I could attend seminary.  We started the always dreaded “church shopping”.  We visited  8 or 9 churches in three months.   We had our checklist out and marked each church ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as the morning progressed.  Guess what happened?  Not one church made the cut.  They all had some minor or major issue that we didn’t like about them.  

This unfortunate life event taught me a lot about how we look for a church.  Most of us are looking for a ‘Mall’ not a church.  We want all of our needs met.  Every whim catered and dealt with by the church.  We look for a church that can be all things to all people.  Where we can feel comfortable and feed.  Most of us are looking for a place where we never have to do anything.  But as my wife and I discovered all those years ago, it is just not possible for a church to live up to these expectations.  And in fact, that church does not exist.  Church is about:  knowing Jesus better, prayer, learning, community, love, worship... the list goes on.  The church should not be about: color of the walls, how comfy the chairs are, the worship teams skill or lack thereof, the pastors shoes ...again the list goes on.  

If and when you decide to come to Roadway Alliance Church, and we hope you do, please expect to see real people, with real problems, with plain walls, and yes, I might have ugly shoes.  Our hope is that real community happens because we strip off the fake church faces.  We deal with each other with mercy and loads of grace, because we are all in the same boat.  We come expecting to get to know Jesus the author and finisher of our faith a little better.  So if this sounds like the kind of place you might feel at home in, come on over and get to know us.  But be aware, we are not a mall and we are not perfect.  The blessing is that we won’t expect you to be perfect either.

Sounds like a great place to me, 

Pastor Philip Jones 

our pastors:
Philip Jones
Gordon Harper

Assistant Pastor